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Information of the Products

Cots & Aprons

(1) Spinning & Roving Aprons

(2) R-Series Aprons

(3) Air Jet Spinning Aprons

(4) Texturising Cots

(5) Texturising aprons

Features, Uses & Types

Sr. No. Type of Yarns
1 Wool W
2 Texturing TX
3 Polyester Cotton PC
4 100% Polyester P
5 Acrylic A
6 Polyester Viscose PV
7 Cotton C
8 Warp WR
9 High Twist HT
10 Lycra LY
11 Hosiery HS
12 Fine Count FC
13 Coarse Count CRS

AT-20 PU Timing Belt with Red Rubber Coated

  • (1) Specification: XL,L,H,XH,T5,T10,T20,AT5,AT10, AT20,3M,8M,14M,S5M.
  • (2) All models teeth could be covered with fabric and back covered with linatex.
  • (3) Aging resistance, water proof, working temperature -30°C to 80 °C, can endure maximum 110°C in short time can be combined with other thermoplastic materials.
  • (4) In the high-load transmission is still keeping good loading capacity.
  • (5) It could be reinforced by steel wire core or kevlar core at option.
  • (6) Hard to be hydrolyzed, anti- acid, UV resistant, not aging, highly resistant to oil, anti-grease.
  • (7) Made of thermoplastic polyurethane materials with high wear resistance.
  • (8) Opening belt could be continuous length, the middle and the sides are with parallel wire core

Polyurethane Timing Belt Rubber Coating Honeycomb Horizon & Special Timing Coated Belt

Application Area: packing, transport and food processing, paper and paperboard transport, sheet and rolled transport, ceramic transport.

Advantage: synchronous movement, synchronous movement without flanges on the pulley, film transport with vacuum aid, greater continuity vacuum on the film, better grip at lower costs, rubber-FDA legislation, solutions for special needs, oil and chemicals resistance, greater grip.

PU timing belt and Pulley & Timing pulleys

  • Characteristics: Provide accurate, positive engagement for power transmission.
  • Applications: Printers, Tooling machines, Textile machinery, Industrial robots
  • Types: Round tooth type timing pulley (S2M, S3M, S5M, S8M, S14M)
    ISO involutes tooth timing pulley (MXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH)
    Trapezoid tooth type timing pulley (T5, T10)

Power Transmission Belt

  • (1) Rubber
  • (2) Double sided (Rubber)
  • (3) Polyurethane
  • (4) Double Sided (Polyurethane)


This synchronous Power Transmission Belt has noise levels lower than that of chains and gears and does not require lubrication Rubber (G type) OR Polyurethane (U Type) is available depending on the application.


  • (1) OA Equipment
  • (2) Printing Machines
  • (3) Tooling Machines
  • (4) Vending Machines
  • (5) Food Machines
  • (6) Medical Equipments

Open Ended PU Timing Belt

PU Timing Belt Open endless timing belt is made of thermoplastic polyurethane for high abrasion resistance, with steel cords inside keeps it running well below high load conveying application. Nylon fabric can be added on the both tooth and back side for special transmission characteristics. There are open and jointed timing belts. PU jointed drive belt is manufactured by special processing. The high quality polyurethane is good for high abrasion resistance and alkaline resistance, the steel cords inside extend the power and tensile resistance keeping the sizes steady. PU timing belt are made for high load, high dimensional, high speed transmission conveying applications as well as low load and stepping conveying, such as office automatic equipment and home appliances.

LC - 333 T 10 Timing Belt

Special Transmission Conveyor Belt for LMW LC 333 Card with Top Notches

Belt Dimensions

  • 1. 300 Teeth
  • 2. T10 Pitch (10mm)
  • 3. 3000MM Length
  • 4. 25mm width

Regular Wedge, Cog and V Belt

The Belt has superior oil, heat resistant and antistatic conduction properties providing advantageous and safer drives in hazardous environments


Tooling machines, textile machinery, OA equipment, medical equipment, vending machines, household electrical appliances, measuring instruments, cars.

Type of Belts: {Rubber & Polyurethane}

1. Rubber
  • - Super Torque G: S4.5M S8M S14M DS8M DS14M
  • - Super Torque GN: S2M S3M S5M DS3M DS5M
  • - Mega Torque G (For low speed & high torque): MTS8M, MTS14M
  • - Long Length Timing Belt: Open end belts
    (S2M, S3M, S4.5M, S5M, S8M, S14M)
    Endless belts (S8M, S14M)
  • - Star Max (for printer carriage drive): ST55, ST80, ST83, ST111
    we also supply the Bare Back type to prevent generation of rubber powder.

2. Polyurethane
  • - S2M, S3M
  • - ST83, ST111
  • - MTS8M

Sections of the Belts.

  • 1. A – Section
  • 2. B – Section
  • 3. C – Section
  • 4. D – Section
  • 5. E – Section
  • 6. M – Section
  • 7. Hexagonal Belts
  • 8. AX – Section
  • 9. BX – Section
  • 10. CX – Section
  • 11. SPZ – Wedge Belt
  • 12. SPA – Wedge Belt
  • 13. SPB – Wedge Belt
  • 14. SPC – Wedge Belt
  • 15. XPZ – Cogged Wedge Belt
  • 16. XPA – Cogged Wedge Belt
  • 17. XPB - Cogged Wedge Belt
  • 18. XPC – Cogged Wedge Belt.

Ridge Belt Super Grip Belt Top Grip Belt Top Rough Belt

C-60 and C-70 Timing Belt

Circular Knitting Machine Belts TT5

DK -780 Button Belt

Flat Belts

Synchroflex T 10 Belt

Red Coated Flat Belts

Klinove Drazkove Remeny Belt

Lifting Tape Belt

PVC & PU Conveyor Belt

Bearings & Pulleys


Timing pulleys

Characteristics: Provide accurate, positive engagement for power transmission.

Applications: Printers, Tooling machines, Textile machinery, Industrial robots

Types: Round tooth type timing pulley (S2M, S3M, S5M, S8M, S14M)

ISO involute tooth timing pulley (MXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH)

Trapezoid tooth type timing pulley (T5, T10)

Bushing pulleys for narrow V-belts(Wedge belts)


Shaft hole processing not required. Easy attachment and detachment of shaft.

Applications: Machine tools, paper manufacturing machines, blowers, compressors

Types: 3V, 5V, 8V

Bushing pulleys for V-ribbed belt


Shaft hole processing not required. Easy attachment, detachment and positioning of the shaft.

Applications: Dryers, machine tools, printing machines, blowers

Types: PJ, PK, PL

Coupling Hyper Flex Coupling

Characteristics: Good flexibility and excellent shock absorbing performance.

Applications: Compressors, blowers, stirring machines, dynamos

Types: MT, MH

Chemi-chan (High efficient miniature coupling)

Characteristics: Servo-motor oscillation is prevented, gain is raised, and positioning accuracy is increased.

Applications: XY tables (with servo-motors), semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Types: HAS19, 22, 30, 34.

Conveyor Belt M-24 Grade and Conveyor Belt N17 Grade

Conveyor M-24 Grade belt are delivered and designed to deliver exceptional performance in the given end usage environment. The offered range comprises M24 Conveyor Belts which are not only abrasion resistant but are also highly resistant to possibilities of cuts as well as gouges.

Conveyor M-24 Grade belt preferably used in.

- In all mining industries

Even the same belt also be used in process industries.

- Cement (limestone)

- Steel (crushed metallic ores)

- Stone crushing industries (granite & blue metal)

N17 Conveyor Belts

Grade N17 Conveyor Belts are well recognized for their superior abrasion resistant properties and are mainly used for conveying -

- Bauxite

- Asbestos

- Ash

- Chalk

- Cement

- Lime

- Surface coal

Applications of the Belts:

Slag conveyors Coking conveyors
Broken glass/cullet Coal handling plants
Cement Concrete plants
Sand, gravel plants Stone industry
Road construction machinery Timber industry
Sawmills Power plants
Garbage incineration plants Silica sand/ materials containing silica sand
Recycling, compost industry Mineral processing plants

Ruff Tuff Conveyor Belt

Rough Tuff Conveyor Belt contain two as well as three ply construction choices that also feature cut edges as well as carcass of NN/EP fabric which comes with surface texture that aids in resisting the tendency for material to roll back down the conveyor while at transportation stage. Top covers made using wear-resistant rubber featuring non-slip surface.

These also help in providing

  • - Cushioning effect
  • - Mollifying as well as absorbing vibrations and impact received on transported materials
  • - Simultaneously also aiding in prevention of slipping


  • - For transportation of light weight goods
  • - For transportation of products like sacks, boxes and parcels
  • - For transportation on inclined surface at maximum angle of 35 degrees
  • - Typical application include for belt flight loaders, lorry loaders and others
  • - For transporting light goods having movement in either inclined or horizontal
  • - Suitable for transportation of fragile/deformed materials as well as pack goods like papers, bags, glass, boxes as well as cartons to of 35 degrees maximum


  • - Available with bottom cover/bare back for use in slider bed applications
  • - Depending upon transported materials, these can handle transportation at inclination angle of 25 ~ 30
  • - Bareback rough top belt allows less possibility of friction thus making these suitable for running over table as well as flat panel
  • - Superior finish design of mesh-like pattern on top surface cover that aids in generating relief effect while absorbing any vibrations as well as impact that is exerted on materials which are conveyed
  • - Also simultaneously helps in preventing material from slipping


  • - 2 or 3 ply construction
  • - Comes with cut edges and carcass of synthetic EP fabric
  • - Superior surface texture that resists tendency for material roll back down the conveyor
  • - Black top cover recommended for utility type incline service
  • - Tan cover suggested for meeting the transportation needs for packaged food products where presence of belts having odourless non toxic finish is required
  • - Top cover comprises full 1/8 thick SBR

Back of belt protected through durable friction surface bottom or through synthetic bare-back for slider bed applications.

Silicone Rubber Coated Fiber Glass Sheet

We are one of the leading Trader and Suppliers of Silicone Rubber Coated Fiber Glass Sheet, which can be availed by our customers in various color combinations. These cloths & Rubber are highly demanded in the market because of features like flexibility and smooth & glossy finish on both sides of the fabrics.

Silicone Rubber Sheet

Silicone Rubber Sheet made from various elastomers. In this range, we offer silicone rubber sheet. We also engage in offering natural rubber / SBR which is known for having good mechanical properties and for being weather resistant.

Sponge Rubber Sheets

Sponge Rubber Sheets is fabricating employing high-grade rubber. These products are applied to control inner & outer atmospheric conditions and to tighten compartments.

Natural Rubber Sheet

Natural rubber sheeting has mechanical properties making it particularly appreciated in environments subject to heavy wear due to friction, or where it is constantly exposed to impact or direct contact with abrasive elements.


  • Excellent mechanical properties.
  • Available in a wide range of hardnesses from 35º to 90º Sh.A.
  • Low compression set and high resilience.
  • Excellent dynamic and rebound properties.
  • Temperature range: -50º C to +90º C.
  • Resistance to chemicals; good resistance to acids, alkalis and salts. Its contact with oils and hydrocarbons is not advisable.

Rubber Sheets

Rubber Sheets are utilized in a wide variety of applications across different industrial sectors.

There are particular forms of Rubber products that have gained prominence over others. Rubber Sheets, for instance, are products that are used in many areas and can be used flexibly for different purposes.

Rubber Sheets are available in the national and international market today, in various designs & specifications.

The major differences in Rubber Sheets divide them into the following types:

  • Natural Rubber Sheets: These are characterized by excellent dynamic, rebound, & mechanical properties.
  • Neoprene Rubber Sheets: Neoprene Rubber Sheets Suppliers offer excellent resistance to petroleum products, oil and flame, ageing, acid, heat, alkalis & cold mineral oils.
  • EPDM Rubber Sheets: These are ideal for outdoor and high zone environmental applications; & are resistant to acids, alkali and ketones.
  • Silicon Rubber Sheets: These are resistant to high temperature and have a low permeability. They are widely used in Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Nitrile Rubber Sheets: These sheets are specially designed for high resistance to oil and solvent products.

Industrial Rubber

Cotton Conveyor Belt

Fabric Type Fabric Structure Fabric Type Fabric Thickness(mm/p) Strength Series(N/mm) Cover Rubber thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(m)
Warp Weft 2plies 3plies 4plies 5plies 6plies Upper Lower
CC-56 1.10 112 168 224 280 336 2-8 0-4.5 400-1500 300
Polyster Cotton
Polyster Cotton
TC-70 1.0 140 210 280 350 420 1.5-8 0-4.5 400-1500 300

PTFE Gasket and Teflon Gasket

PTFE Gasket materials are able to withstand significantly more aggressive chemical environments {including highly oxidizing environments} than standard non-asbestos gasket materials. Their temperature, pressure and mechanical performance is inferior to standard non-asbestos gasket materials. Metal inserted and expanded PTFE are able to operate at higher pressures.

PTFE materials are available in thickness of 1/32″ To 1/4″.

Technical Specifications:
Operating Temperatures:
Minimum: Cyrogenic
Maximum: 450 to 600.F
Operating Pressures:
Minimum: Vacuum
Maximum: 3000 psi.F
pH Range: 0 - 14
Sizes See Chart
Composision: 100% PTFE, Extruded
Gasket Factors:
"M": 2
"Y": 2,800psi

PVC Water Stopper Seal

P.V.C. Water Stopper Seals Made of long-lasting quality plasticized PVC these seals are competitive in price and cater to the needs of civil industries.

Rubber O-Ring

Rubber Gaskets

Rubber Gaskets prevents gas leakage and thus are widely used in various engineering and automobile industries. These rubber gaskets are fabricated using premium grades of rubber.

Rubber gaskets are used in where oil, fluids and extreme temperature conditions are prevalent.

Anti-Vibration Pads